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Stephan Longworth

The kid who never fitted in anywhere… and now?



Trailer park/council house raised….

The kid who never fitted in anywhere… and now?

A multi-millionaire thanks to his success in Direct Selling.

He recently achieved the top level in his company pay plan but by his own admission, it took him around 25 years to get there.


He says “I’m not the most gifted networker, but by attending Mastermind Event over the years, this helped me change my mindset, and gave me the pieces of the puzzle that were missing.”

Despite his dyslexia he’s a twice-published author and donates all the profits to charity.

Stephan is an inspirational speaker who we are delighted to welcome to the Mastermind Event stage for the first time, but when you hear him you’ll know why it certainly won’t be the last.

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