Hilde Sæle

"From Law School to Network Marketing Multi-Millionaire!"

Hilde Sæle
Hilde Sæle
Oslo, Norway

As an 11-year old girl, Hilde Rismyhr Sæle found the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in her grandpa's bookshelf. After reading it, she decided she wanted to become rich!

She didn't have a clear plan on how to get there, but the goal was written in stone. Being raised in an academic family, the most logical thing to do was to go to university, and so she decided to attend law school.

One year into law school, at age 20, she was introduced to network marketing. Two years later she went full time, yet the first four years in the business proved to be a real struggle.

Over time she learned the skills, figured out the balance between going aggressively after a goal and having a soft heart... and meeting to meeting, person to person, leader by leader she built a successful network marketing business.Today Hilde is a network marketing multi-millionaire.

“Success didn’t come easy for me. I was absolutely not a natural 'talent' when I started, but by being focused and having a love for the business model, along with hard work, I found there is no limit to where you can go. I studied law because I had an interest in helping people make things right. In direct sales, I found a business model that could help the average person become someone extraordinary through systematic training where hard work is compensated fairly. In other business models, it is every woman for herself, and your competitors most certainly would not train you. In the networking profession, people are paid to ensure that you learn, grow and succeed.”

Hilde's passion is to help others reach the same heights. She's an accomplished speaker in northern Europe, who teaches leadership and personal development as well as being a role model for thousands of entrepreneurs. She continues to drive forward, she loves working in the field and her next target is to reach one million active customers by 2020.

Together with her husband, Ørjan Sæle, she has co-founded a network marketing company and together they have created one of the largest teams in northern Europe. Their vision is to change the way networkers think and work by focusing on customer acquisition along with changing the mindset of doing just enough to going above and beyond.

She has a big heart for helping people and believes that a clearly defined system for duplication is necessary to build a big customer base.

Hilde and Ørjan spend their free time together with their first born son Gabriel. They love traveling, reading, and going on mountain hikes. These hobbies, love of sports, and stimulating intellectual conversation make for some of their best moments in life.

Like most of the Mastermind Event faculty, Hilde does not train or speak outside of her organization often, so this is your chance to meet, hang out with and learn from Hilde at this year's Mastermind Event!

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