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Marco Passanante

Marco Passanante went from being a soccer player to earning a pro soccer player income in Direct Selling.

All the way from Sweden, he brings his Italian heritage flair to the business and stage. On social media you'll see him travelling all over Europe and North America supporting his growing team — a team with 10 active customers for every distributor!

During his first eight months building his Direct Selling business, Marco had a severely limited amount of time to work the business, nine hours of his day were already consumed at a big newspaper and playing soccer. He proved you can build this business part time by consistently putting in a 10-12 hours a week... and still build a substantial income in 8-12 months. He has been full-time for nine years now, and a seven-figure earner.

Today Marco enjoys a great and growing passive income from his Direct Selling business, an income greater than many of his pro soccer friends. The moment you meet him, you'll feel his huge energy and passion for helping people grow and believe in their dreams... and more importantly, to believe in themselves.

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