Hannah Grover

Having grown up with self-employed parents, it was inevitable that Hannah would choose the same path. But it soon became clear that the outdated model of swapping time for money was holding her back.

Hannah Grover
Hannah Grover
Kent, UK

When Hannah and Will's son Henry was born, she quickly realised she was torn between family and work - and felt unable to give her best to either!

There had to be another way. When Hannah stumbled across Direct Selling in 2014, it felt like an exciting opportunity to develop her skills whilst helping others. Hannah soon realised that Direct Selling is where she does her best work: connecting, inspiring, and helping people build better futures for their families.

Only seven years into her direct selling career, Hannah & Will have achieved one of the senior positions in her business and she is now the "yes Mum" she set out to be. And the best bit? She spends every day coaching and motivating other Mums (and Dads!) so they can enjoy the same freedom.

With the help of great mentors, teachers, and team members, Hannah has learned how to fulfil her passion of helping others to build a more comfortable, flexible future. Her Mastermind talk will tell us exactly how she went from the frustration of swapping time for money, to time freedom and choices.

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