Payam Moghim

The global powerhouse joining us all the way from Iran!

Payam Moghim
Payam Moghim

In 2004, a 19 year old Payam was introduced to Direct Selling by a university classmate. He quickly excelled in his new career, focusing on recruitment and training others to do the same.

However, this initial "success" was not sustainable. After researching Direct Selling in the global context, Payam realized that his business model did not align with authentic direct selling practices.

Payam reflects, "Living in a country virtually walled off from the rest of the world, it's natural for knowledge to seep through slowly."

This revelation transformed Payam's career objectives. After a decade in the profession, he emerged as an influential ambassador, connecting with global industry leaders like Wes Linden, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Randy Gage, and Art Jonak. Between 2015 and 2019, he organized events in Iran, attracting nearly 5,000 attendees, and translated and published 27 books by these renowned authors.

Through Wes Linden, Payam discovered the Mastermind event. Facing visa barriers to the U.S., he inovatively hosted local events that showcased recordings of the Mastermind Event.

Embodying the ethos of "lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness," Payam has overcome numerous challenges. Today, many in his country benefit from the practical, professional, and ethical training of the Direct Selling profession, especially the Mastermind event, thanks to his commitment to preventing others from repeating his early mistakes.

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